The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

ALXIII: A Technical Comparison

March 7, 2018


There’s no doubt TVC’s ALXII data logging systems capabilities produced high-quality monitoring and analysing facilities. It’s been the backbone of our business for many years but, as the industry changes so does our equipment in support of those new needs.

Arc Logger XIII (ALXIII) WorkstationArc Logger XIII (ALXIII) RS

Arc Logger XIII (ALXIII) Portable

New features, new capabilities

The ALXIII Series are hard working units, designed to withstand tough conditions. Able to monitor welding procedures, qualify welders and offer production weld monitoring on site, offshore or in a laboratory environment. In fact, anywhere precision welding requires an accurate data logging system.

Technical Comparison: At a glance

Below you can see a detailed technical comparison of all the changes we’ve made to this classic to bring it into the future.




For a full rundown on the ALXIII series, please see our datasheet: ALXIII Series DataSheet.

The above information is also available as a download: ALXIII Comparison

NB: The Validation Centre (TVC) Limited reserves the right to alter or change product specification without prior notice.