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TVC Work Experience

July 1, 2016

Charlie - CAD (3D)

I chose to do my work experience at The Validation Centre (TVC) because I knew they do things to do with engineering which I would like to get into when I’m older. I saw it as a good place to get some experience about work and what goes on which will help me for when it comes to getting a job. (more…)

Charlie says…

June 28, 2016

Colt High Gun Medal

We had the chance to speak with Charlie this week and to ask him some questions about his background, aspirations and advice for youngsters starting out in shooting. (more…)

England Shooting Team Members Encourage Charlie Soanes

June 17, 2016

Charlie at Cambridge Shooting Ground
Charlie at Cambridge Shooting Ground

You know you’ve got talent when senior members of the England Shooting Team encourage their manager to see you shoot. Even more so when the team manager approaches you afterwards and encourages you to try out for the England Team Selection Shoots! Charlie is looking into shooting in the remaining ones, just the experience will be beneficial for him but he really does have something about him and his shooting that it could also be the start of a winning career for him with the England Team. (more…)

Rob ‘The Bullet’ Barber: The Story So Far

February 23, 2016

Real road racer, Rob Barber

It’s not difficult to see why Rob Barber, the energetic 35 year old from Bury in Lancashire, has become a virtuoso in the racing industry over the past 16 years. The so-called ‘Bullet’ and his father run race team PRB Racing. Rob’s father Phil was a mechanic for a race teams in the late 80’s and early 90’s and passed on his avid enthusiasm for bikes to his son…Rob began riding motorcycles at the age of 5! (more…)

Shooting Star

Charlie at the Inter Country Skeet in September 2015

Charlie at the Inter Country Skeet in September 2015

There’s just no stopping Charlie Soanes at the moment; we’ve been incredibly impressed with his determination and dedication to his shooting and he’s smashing his personal best nearly every week it seems! Whereas most youngsters are hanging out with their mates or spending their weekends on a Netflix marathon, Charlie is out at the crack of dawn, travelling to competitions around the country and putting in hour upon hour of training to be the best. (more…)

Spares Season

North Sea Installations Map

The North Sea this time of year is usually desolate of divers. With the sea temperature dropping to around 6°C and air temperatures around 4°C, the cold would be enough to put anyone off but the frequent gales and winter storms mean the it’s not only cold, it’s a dangerous place to be in the winter. (more…)

Hire Fleet Looks Set To Sail

Our hire fleet 20 years ago!

Our hire fleet 20 years ago!

We mentioned in our last newsletter that we were having an overhaul on our hire fleet and we’re pleased to announce this has now been completed.


MonArc2: The Resurrection of a Classic


This year we’re releasing a variety of new TVC equipment and we’re going to start with our brand new MonArc2. Now, some of you might remember the old MonArc units from way back when and we felt they deserved a revival given their incredible durability. We’ve bought it bursting into the modern era packed full of software, slick colour screens and a price that you’ll find seriously tempting.