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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Equipment Hire


The Advantages of Hiring

There are many advantages to hire equipment. Some types of equipment can be expensive and will be subject to depreciation and you will need to store it. With hiring, there is no storage or depreciation – when you are done, you simply return it and if the equipment is returned in the same condition, there are no repairs or maintenance involved.

In addition, if something goes wrong with an item, you may be outside of the warranty period and the manufacturer may not be able to do anything to rectify any faults. If the equipment is within its cover period, you may have to go through a lengthy warranty-repair process whereas TVC can either walk you through any troubleshooting issues or simply swap out a faulty item. The minimisation of your on-site downtime can decrease substantially and, therefore, so can your costs.

Hiring means minimal equipment is needed and provides flexibility should there be a shift in your clients’ demands. This can be a game-changer for smaller companies as it gives them access to the latest technology without the purchase price tag, helping with riding market increases and decreases. Of course, if you are thinking of buying a piece of equipment, it can also allow you to try before you buy!

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Our Equipment Hire Fleet

Equipment hire is a need for many companies. Whether for an unexpected project or to save on purchase overheads, here at TVC we hold a wide range of NDT kit available for both short and long term hire contracts for your every need. Our range includes:

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors *
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Meters
  • Subsea Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Subsea MPI Equipment
  • Weld Monitoring Systems
  • Amp Clamps
  • Digital Thermometers
  • Gas Flow Meters
  • Boiler Tube Inspection (Dinsearch 1.00)
  • Lighting Column Inspection (ColcheK)
  • Video Inspection Equipment
  • Visual Inspection Equipment
  • Holiday Detectors
  • X-Ray systems (up to 300Kv)

* Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors can be calibrated to either ISO 9001:2015 or UKAS ISO 17025:2017 accreditation to BS EN ISO 22232-1:2020 depending on your requirements