The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd



The DINSEARCH™ 2-00 is a multiple sensor, magnetic flux leakage system, specially developed for the inspection of carbon steel pipes and tubes 50mm to 100mm diameter.

Using an external probe, DINSEARCH™ 2-00 will detect defects on the inside of pipework or furnace wall tubes in water tube boilers.

Using an internal probe enables the system to be used in large diameter heat exchanger tubes, air pre-heater tubes in boiler installations, tubes in fire tube boilers and some types of finned boiler and economiser tubes.

Inspection is rapid, typically 1 metre per second or faster. Unlike ultrasonic systems, no couplants or water are required, the pipe remains dry.

The following photographs show the various probes that can be used with the DINSEARCH™ 2-00 system.