The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Schweissen & Schneiden

August 10, 2017

Schweissen & Schneiden 2017: ALXIII Launch

TVC are exhibiting at the famous and monumental trade fair, Schweissen & Schneiden takes place in Düsseldorf this year. With international exhibitors and visitors, and spanning the welding, joining and cutting industries, we are especially excited to be attending. Furthermore, we will be taking the opportunity to launch the new ALXIII Series welding data logging systems at Schweissen & Schneiden in September.

Schweissen & Schneiden - ALXIII Launch

ALXIII Series – 3D Representations (top) ALXIII Portable; (bottom, left) ALXIII Workstation ; (bottom, right) ALXIII RS

New ALXIII Series

The ALXIII Series features parameter monitoring options not available on any other welding data logging system. Projects are unique and have different requirements, the ALXIII Series are customisable and therefore provide rugged adaptability for any eventuality. The range includes a portable unit (ALXIII Portable), a rack mounted system (ALXIIIRS), and a semi-permanent installation (ALXIII Workstation).

ALXIII Portable

This battery powered unit is versatile and, above all, mobile and user-friendly. Facilities for monitoring up to four independent welding power sources from a single unit* makes this a highly adaptable welding data logging system. The ALXIII Portable is ideal for monitoring twin bug and twin torch pipeline welding processes (for procedure or production monitoring). Furthermore, it monitors hot wire current, and welding current, independently on GTAW hot wire welding systems.


Battery or mains powered, the ALXIII RS is exceptional as a portable or semi-permanent installation system. Each unit is networkable for a factory-wide welding data logging system; a great choice for high production areas**. Operated with a standalone monitor and keyboard, the ALXIII RS becomes truly portable, taking just minutes to set up. A single battery charge allows up to four hours of welding, however, using mains power extends monitoring time.

ALXIII Workstation

Alternatively, designed for more permanent installation, the ALXIII Workstation is available as a single-, dual-, or quad-channel monitoring system. Following the success of its predecessor, the ALXIII Workstation is set to become the workhorse of the pipeline welding industry. Mains powered for 24/7 operation, the rugged unit is also wall-mountable. Including dedicated pipeline monitoring software as standard, the ALXIII Workstation allows the pre-programming of all welding parameters and consumables from the root to the cap.

Accordingly, all models of the ALXIII come with:

  • HF protection from GTAW processes
  • Non-intrusive probes
  • Voltage and current probes as standard
  • Options for wire feed, travel speed, temperature and gas flow monitoring
  • Network connection and USB ports
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Complete WPS programming
  • Dedicated pipeline welding programming
  • Cladding and weld overlay specific software
  • Pulse welding monitoring software and reporting conforming to ASME IX 2015, EEMUA Publication 158 (3rd Edition) and PD ISO/TR 18491: 2015 for measurement and recording of instantaneous power for pulsed current and waveform controlled welding power sources

Catering for all welding set ups and projects, optional probes are available in several variants, both wired and wireless.

CALSIS: Camera and Laser System

In addition, TVC will be showcasing the CALSIS at Schweissen and Schneiden. The CALSIS is used to visually inspect and measure the internal root profiles of pipeline welds. It can be difficult, as well as slow and expensive, to inspect internal welds within small and/or long pipes. Furthermore, ‘bad’ welds can cost thousands in materials and labour if not detected before use.

Currently, the CALSIS system is in use on landlines inspecting, and measuring, root profile in stainless steel and clad pipe welds. Versatile and comprehensive, the interchangeable scanning heads and wheel sets allows operation in pipes from as small as 110mm I.D.

Adapted for varying pipe lengths and diameters, the unit is deployable as an independently-driven electric crawler unit. Furthermore, it can be utilised via reach rods, or attached to the pipeline internal line-up clamp. In addition, the unit features a 1-kilometre wireless transmission system and clear HD video. Coupled with root profile measurement down to 50 microns resolution consequently make the CALSIS ideal for inspecting land line closing welds.

Gas Monitoring

Finally, TVC will also be exhibiting specialised and field-proven gas equipment. Gases used in welding can not only be lethal, but incorrect mixes can cause issues with the integrity of the welds, causing rising costs. Our equipment ranges from monitoring purge gas conditions to gas flow, measuring a variety of gases and parameters. In addition, we will be featuring our Gas Quality Meter (GQM) System. Used for evaluating the composition of bottled or bulk gas mixes, the GPM gives detailed information of the composite mixture.

To find out more about Schweissen & Schneiden International Trade Fair, or to book visitor tickets, click here.

* requires additional input options

** with the robotic welding software package option