Neoastra DGCUW (ZZZ/0020)

Johnson & Allen’s Neoastra DGCUW is a fluorescent magnetic ink for use in magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and formulated to give defined indications using the highest grade of magnetic particles, selected for their response to very low magnetic fields and for low coercivity.

Neoastra DGCUW should be viewed using a UV light with a surface intensity exceeding 1000μW/cm2 with the benefit of allowing moderate ambient light. Anecdotally it has been demonstrated that defects can be found with up to 500 Lux of ambient light present. However, to comply with BS EN 9934-2:2015 levels must be restricted to 20 Lux.

Neoastra DGCUW is a water-based concentrate formulated especially for underwater use and is not classified as hazardous after dilution.

Certified to meet Sulphur and Halogen levels required by the military, nuclear, and ASME standards.

Complies with BS EN ISO 9934.

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