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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd


Making Sense: O2 Sensors

July 14, 2021

O2 Sensor Types

For many years, the Welding industry has used simple handheld meters to measure the level of O2 in inert gas used for the back purging of pipes and vessels prior to and during welding. The cheapest and simplest sensor type had always been the Chemical Cell. However, in recent years new sensor types have become available which offer better accuracy, repeatability, and sensor life span. (more…)

Christmas Opening Times 2020

December 16, 2020

TVC will be open on Christmas Eve from 08:00 – 16:30 and will then be closed for the festive period, reopening again on Monday 4 January 2021 from 08:00 – 16:30.

BS EN ISO 22232-1:2020 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Calibration

December 15, 2020


TVC are pleased to announce the extension to our UKAS scope to include recalibration to the new BS EN ISO 22232-1:2020 standard for the verification of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors.

BS EN ISO 22232

BS EN ISO 22232 supersedes BS EN ISO 12668

BS EN ISO 22232 supersedes the old BS EN ISO 12668 standard which has now been withdrawn by British Standards. TVC has been at the forefront of obtaining this new approval to provide recalibration to both traceable and UKAS requirements in order to provide the most up to date service for all our recalibration customers. The new standard better reflects the requirements of today’s modern Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors giving greater confidence that your systems are performing to the most up to date requirements.

BS EN ISO 22232 UKAS and Traceable Recalibrations

TVC can provide both UKAS and traceable recalibrations to BS EN ISO 22232 either at our dedicated recalibration facility or onsite at your premises for maximum convenience. We are even holding our existing recalibration costs while this new standard is introduced.

Please contact TVC to discuss your requirements, obtain pricing and make sure you are up to speed. You can also book your equipment in for calibration directly using our calibration booking service.

Water Tank Manufacture with Flow Control using Forming Gas

December 3, 2020

Automated GTAW Water Tank Manufacture and Gas Wastage

TVC was approached by a company who manufacture Duplex water tanks and use a forming gas for back purging the tanks. As the welding process is automated GTAW, the operation process involves setting up a tank to purge whilst a pre-purged tank is being welded.

Prior to purchasing TVC Oxygen monitoring and flow control equipment, the initial purge was carried out by ensuring that the purge, at a high flow rate, was maintained for a set period of time. The drawback to this method was, however, that the time the tank was on purge could often exceed the nominal time required to fully purge the vessel and, therefore, wasted a large volume of gas. (more…)

Generation of Magnetic Fields in Oversized and Complex Geometries Using Flexible A.C. Cables

October 27, 2020

This interesting article by M. Sebastian, Technical Director at Sui Generis Inspection Consultants and M. Ross, Inspection Engineer at N-Sea Aberdeen titled ‘The Generation of Magnetic Fields in Oversized and Complex Geometries Using Flexible A.C. Cables’ (2020) looks at the use of A.C. electromagnetic cables on structural members that exceed operational limitations on diameter and complex geometry. (more…)

Duplex Container Manufacturing with Robot Interface

October 22, 2020

In some industry sectors, it is commonplace to use welded duplex vessels for waste management. The vessels can be manufactured using robotic welding and need to be purged prior to commencing the welding process.

To ensure that the setup and robotic welding of the vessels work with maximum efficiency, TVC has included additional robot signalling on the Gas Purge Monitor (GPM) units together with a 3-Stage Purge Gas Flow Control System.


GPM and Audible/Visual Traffic Light Beacon