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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Wireless Remote O2 Sensor for Pipeline Welding fitted to Internal Line Up Clamp

October 15, 2020

Wireless Remote O2 Sensor for Pipeline Welding fitted to Internal Line Up Clamp

In the pipeline welding industry, it is commonplace to use an Internal Line Up Clamp (ILUC). This will align the two pipe sections using internal hydraulic or pneumatic rams so that external automatic welding equipment can be used to weld the root pass. When welding duplex or Inconel clad pipes, the ILUC will also have a purge dam fitted.

O2 Sensor

3D Model of Wireless Remote O2 Sensor


Internal Line Up Clamp (ILUC) in Pipe

The ILUC may already have some O2 monitoring built-in, however, sometimes the factory-supplied option is:

  • not accurate enough at low levels, or
  • cannot provide additional external signalling

We have, on many occasions, been asked by clients in the onshore and offshore pipeline welding industry to supply a retrofit kit that provides accurate low-level O2 measurement with remote display and signalling.


Remote Hand Controller


Traffic Light Visual/Audible Alarm Beacon

We have supplied custom-designed zirconia and optical oxygen sensor modules with an internal sampling pump which can be remotely controlled and are designed to work from the 24V DC internal supply on the ILUC.

The module can be programmed with alarm limits and provides an external display of the O2 levels down to 1ppm with a traffic light visual system displaying red, yellow, and green lights as well as audible warnings based on the high and low pre-programmed alarm levels. The module can also have full onboard data-logging facilities so that the digital data for the purge time and levels can be recorded and reported after welding is completed.

These modules are customed-designed to meet our client’s specific requirements, if you have an application that requires automated remote monitoring of purging for welding applications, please contact us to discuss your project requirements.