JAY Electromagnetic Yoke 110V AC (MAG/0010)

The Johnson & Allen Yoke (JAY Electromagnetic Yoke 110V AC) has a proven track record for usability, durability, and reliability. The core is encapsulated in a hard-wearing, impact, and abrasion-resistant polymer which makes the JAY one of the most heavy-duty yokes on the NDT market. Like other Johnson & Allen yokes, the JAY is fitted with a self-resetting thermal cut-out to prevent burnout from misuse.

Conforms to all current magnetic particle inspection (MPI) standards. Supplied with certification.

Replacement parts are also available including pairs of complete leg sections, pairs of just the feet sections, micro switches, switch covers, rubber membranes, etc. Please contact us for more information.

We have a range of MPI equipment and consumables available.