UPRS MkII (01V100)

The underwater meter that gives you the full picture.

The UPRS MkII is an advanced subsea UV, White Light, and Magnetic field measurement unit. More compact and easier to use than previous models, the UPRS MkII measures magnetic field strength, ambient visible light, and ultra-violet irradiance with a single subsea module.

The UPRS MkII allows users to replicate previous workface MPI conditions on subsequent inspections, reducing the risk of errors.

A single flying lead to a combined probe head, which contains the UV and visible light sensors, together with the magnetometer probe reduces the number of penetrators and trailing cables, making the UPRS MkII easier to deploy and use.

The UPRS MkII is powered by an internal Ni-MH battery, which provides over 20 hours of continuous use. The unit can be recharged in around 12 hours, and the charging circuit allows the system to be recharged with no additional connectors or penetrators.

Compact, easy to use, and reliable, the UPRS MkII is the perfect solution for underwater magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

We can supply MiGlow, Johnson & Allen, and Magnaflux inks and consumables for use with all subsea MPI equipment. We can source many others, please contact us for more information.