The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

8-Channel Wireless Temperature Module


TVC’s 8-Channel wireless temperature module connects to either a remote PC or the ALX III Series of welding data logging systems via WiFi connectivity.

With the capability to read and display up to 8 thermocouple channels via thermocouples mounted on the workpiece, the temperature module transmits data back to the PC / ALX III.

The module can be held in place on the workpiece using the magnetic block and weld-on thermocouples can be connected to the unit.

The temperature module is battery powered and the battery level is indicated on the LCD screen as well as on the PC / ALX III in the temperature software.

Wireless Temperature Program

The software program logs the temperatures from several different positions independently. The data for each thermocouple is saved to a text file which can be viewed or exported into MS Excel.

Individual High / Low limits can be set for each thermocouple and the sets of temperature data are displayed in real-time.
The wireless temperature program can also be set up to interface directly with the ALX III logging software.

General Unit
  • Inputs: 8 x Type K Mini Sockets
  • Screen: LCD
  • Battery: Rechargeable 14.4V 4.8Ah Li-Ion
  • Operating Time: 12 – 14 Hours
Measured Parameters
  • Range: 0 – 1000°C
WiFi Parameters
  • Operating Range: Up to 50 Metres
Calibration & Certification

Full calibration certification provided, traceable to The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), UK.