MonArc 4.0 (MON/0200)

The MonArc 4.0 weld monitoring data logger is able to monitor one channel. The system can monitor voltage, current, wire feed, heat input, and energy calculations, and optional remote assistance can be provided.

With non-intrusive probes, the systems monitor voltage and current as standard with additional options including:

Seamless Digital Exchange

With our next generation of weld monitoring and data logging systems, we make it easy to exchange welding data seamlessly across all levels, ensuring compliance with IoT and Industry 4.0. No matter where you are, you can access data and support thanks to wireless capabilities and remote assistance.

Cloud-based Database

When networked to the TVC Edge Server, systems can be used with the TVC WeldGlobe cloud-based database software, allowing remote logging and display of:

Welding Applications & Techniques

Our monitoring systems are TIG High Frequency protected and are for use with:

Durable & Flexible

TVC weld monitors and data logging systems are designed to withstand demanding conditions. Our equipment is durable and hardworking. It can be used to monitor welding procedures, qualify welders, or precision welding fine components and exotic materials in a laboratory setting. For ultimate flexibility, all options can be retrofitted.