Accurate and reliable cladding thickness readings.

The Dinsearch 6.00 is a portable, hand-held device that quickly and easily measures the thickness of metallic protective linings in lined steel pipes. It is ideal for use in straight pipes, bends, and on the linings of tanks and pressure vessels.

The Dinsearch 6.00 is easy to use. Simply move the probe over the surface of the cladding and the unit will provide a continuous readout of the cladding thickness. The internal encoder in the probe measures the distance, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your measurements.

The Dinsearch 6.00 is the perfect tool for ensuring the integrity of your lined steel pipes. It is a valuable asset for any facility that relies on lined steel pipes for critical applications.

Also available:

  • DINSEARCH 1-00 electromagnetic system for rapid, high-resolution inspection of carbon steel tubes in heat exchangers, coolers, boilers, and similar equipment
  • DINSEARCH 2-00 multiple sensor, magnetic flux leakage system, specially developed for the inspection of carbon steel pipes and tubes
  • Probe Cooling unit for use with the DINSEARCH 1-00 and DINSEARCH 2-00
  • DINSEARCH 5-00 for use in the pipe mill to measure the thickness of the Inconel lining in the pipe after extrusion

Please contact us with your requirements and we will assist you with the right DINSEARCH equipment for your project.

Other pipe inspection equipment is available.