Travel Speed Meter (TSM)

Set and record travel speed rates with precision.

The Travel Speed Meter (TSM) is a portable, battery-powered monitor available in Standard or Advanced models. It enables pre-production setting and recording of travel speed rates for automated welding processes. The monitor also measures welding time in seconds, providing valuable process costing data.

The tachometer transducer is fitted with a purpose-designed mounting plate that allows for a variety of fixing possibilities. The compact design also makes it easy to mount. The instrument can then be used for in-process quality control monitoring and validation of welding speed.

The travel speed tachometer comes with a 45mm wheel and displays the travel speed in centimetres per minute (cm/min) in real time on the main screen.

While travel speed is being logged, an internal clock counts the welding time in seconds. A separate clock counts and displays the operational time.

The Advanced model allows users to select metric or imperial units and records data to its internal memory. This data can then be transferred to a PC and integrated into MS Excel spreadsheet reports.

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