The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Nozzle Flow Meter 3 (NFM3)


NFM3: Compact and battery-powered

The NFM3 is a compact, battery-powered unit which takes the measurement of shielding gas flow right at the welding nozzle for the most accurate measurement. The NFM3 is available as either a Standard or Advanced model.

Measures at the nozzle

“Peashooter” gas flow meters are often situated upstream away from the welding nozzle and cannot allow for any gas leakage in
the pipework feeding the welding nozzle, giving inaccurate readings of the useful gas flow. Measuring the gas flow at the nozzle using the NFM3 gives the welder a measurement of gas flow actually being used. The unit has either a fixed inlet or an extension pipe for use on robots and automated machines where the nozzle is difficult to reach.

Pre-programmed popular gas mixes

The NFM3 is capable of measuring the nozzle flow up to 100 Litres/min (212 CFH) and is accurate for use on all shielding gases and gas mixes. The correct gas mix is selected by the user from the pre-programmed list of the most popular gas mixes. Customised and special gas mixes can be factory set.

Button-lock function

Easy to read, the illuminated colour display gives clear indications of the gas flow in poor light conditions and will display the peak gas flow for the gas usage analysis. The NFM3 will confirm gas usage is in compliance with the welding procedure and will significantly reduce shielding gas wastage by confirming accurate gas flow rates at the welding torch. The unit also features a button-lock feature to stop any accidental changing of the gas during operation.

Optional data logging facility

The optional data logging facility (Advanced model only) records flow results and surge data on the NFM3’s internal memory. Recorded data is downloaded from the NFM3 via USB connection for direct import into the included data viewing and reporting software. The NFM3 output can be connected directly to any of the TVC range of welding data logging systems, giving a permanent record of measured gas flow. The unit is supplied with a selection of flexible nozzles to fit all popular welding torches, plus a rugged carry case, manual, PSU/battery charger and 12 months calibration certificate traceable to The National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Also available is the GFM2 which can also be used inline.