Nozzle Flow Meter 3 (NFM3)

One-handed measurement of shielding gas flow.

The NFM3 is a compact, battery-powered unit that measures shielding gas flow right at the welding nozzle. This gives the welder a measurement of the actual gas flow being used, which is more accurate and can help to improve welding quality and productivity.

All shielding gases and gas mixtures can be measured with the Nozzle Flow Meter 3. Factory-set custom gas mixes are also available.

Significant reduction in shielding gas wastage is achieved by ensuring the welding torch’s nozzle has an accurate gas flow rate. When it is difficult to reach the nozzle on robots and automated machines, a fixed inlet or extension pipe can be used. For analysing gas consumption, peak gas flow is displayed.

This compact device is available as a Standard or Advanced model. Data logging facilities are included in the Advanced model so flow results and surge data can be stored in the internal memory and downloaded via USB.

The Nozzle Flow Meter 3 features an output for connection to any of the TVC range of welding data logging systems.

A specialist NFM3 Dual Nozzle Model is also available.

Other gas monitoring equipment is available. TVC can design bespoke solutions, contact us with your requirements.