ColcheK2 (ALX/0460)

Non-invasive corrosion detection for steel columns.

The ColcheK2 system is a compact, rugged corrosion detection system specifically designed for planted steel lighting columns. Developed in association with Dinsley Devices Ltd and manufactured under exclusive licence, the ColcheK2 system is easy to use and can be deployed from outside the columns, making it ideal for applications where access is limited.

Accurate and reliable, the ColcheK2 uses a non-destructive testing (NDT) method to detect corrosion in the below ground section of planted steel lighting columns. It can help to identify corrosion problems before they cause major damage.

Excavation is a costly and time-consuming process. The system uses a small search head that is deployed from the outside of the column and inserted into the column through an ordinary access door. The search head uses ultrasonic technology to detect loss of wall thickness. It can detect a 5% loss of wall section as far down as 750mm below the ground level. This makes the ColcheK2 system ideal for routine inspection of lighting columns. The ability to inspect columns without excavation can save asset owners and managers significant money.

The ColcheK2 has an optional ultrasonic range finding system that uses sound waves to measure the distance between the search head and the inner wall of the column. This information is then displayed on the system’s screen, allowing the operator to accurately locate and identify the depth of any corrosion defects.

A defect that is located deep within the column is less significant than a defect that is located near the ground level as deeper defects are less likely to cause structural failure. The cable entry on a column can also be easily identified by its depth and size and eliminated from the inspection.

Lighting columns are most susceptible to corrosion at and slightly below ground level. This is because water, road salt, and other chlorides combine with oxygen in the air to create a highly corrosive environment. The ColcheK2 probe is a fast and easy way to detect corrosion in this critical area.

The ColcheK2 system is a valuable tool for asset owners and managers who want to ensure the long-term reliability of their planted steel lighting columns. The system is also used by inspection companies and local councils to ensure that lighting columns are safe to bear additional loads, such as advertising boards and decorations.

Here’s a testimonial from New Zealand’s Tauranga City Council:

Hi TVC, thanks very much for supplying the two NDT test units and for your ongoing support. We have found excellent value with these testers and have great confidence in the results, which is working towards elimination of risk with assets on our network. We are also getting some great asset management benefits with the data that is assisting with renewal's decision making and forward works programming. Please feel free to send any references our way, as we would fully support the procurement of these test units.

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