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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Basic Purge Monitor (BPM) (BPM/0001)

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Basic Purge Monitor (BPM): Portable and simple to use

Portable for almost use anywhere, the Basic Purge Monitor is compact, battery-powered and handheld. Furthermore, the straightforward push-button operation of this entry-level purge monitor offers high accuracy and reliability, all at a competitive price.

Optical Cell Technology

The simple optical cell technology offers reliability and accuracy and extremely long life. Unlike other equally priced equipment, the optical cell technology fitted in the Basic Purge Monitor is non-depleting. An internal pump provides precise and consistent gas sampling readings. The BPM displays Oxygen levels from ambient (20.90%) down to 0.01%.

The basic 4 x 20-character monochrome LCD screen displays both the Oxygen data and the remaining battery level.

Mobile users can download Making Sense: O2 Sensors PDF here.

Single push-button operation

The ergonomic case ensures comfortable hand-held use and the single push-button operation makes the BPM incredibly simple to use. Operates for both continuous monitoring of Oxygen levels and for quick, easy spot checks. For use with all inert purging gases and purging applications.

  • Applications: Inert welding gas purging
  • Temperature: 0 – 50°C
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion 7.2v 2.6Ah rechargeable
  • Battery Charger: External 90-240VAC input, auto-selection 2-hour recharge time
  • Sensor Type: Non-depleting optical sensor
  • Oxygen Level: 20.90% to 0.01%

Further purging products available

TVC’s purge monitor range includes the Handheld Purge Monitor (HPM), available in two models, and the Gas Purge Monitor (GPM).

The HPM-01 uses a simple non-depleting optical oxygen cell. The HPM-02 combines the optical cell technology from the HPM-01 with a miniature, low power Zirconia sensor. Both the HPM-01 and HPM-02 have onboard data-logging.

With a 5.7-inch LCD, the GPM also provides an onboard printout of the logged data. Options include an inline hygrometer sensor for measuring moisture content in purge gas and an external warning beacon system.

Finally, the Gas Purge Automatic Flow Control System, designed for use with the GPM, offers full automation for gas purging activities. Easily programmed to give three flow rates (high, mid and low). Control of purge gas flow according to the Oxygen level provides quick, accurate and efficient purging. When only the optimum amount of gas is used for the purging process this ultimately results in cost savings!