Degauss 600

The flexible and efficient demagnetisation solution.

The Degauss 600 is an efficient and flexible system that demagnetises steel pipes and plates prior to welding. It uses a declining and polarity switched demagnetising current to reduce magnetism in the parts to be welded, eliminating the effects of arc blow.

The magnetic field generated by the arc can cause the workpiece to move, which can lead to poor weld quality or even a weld failure. The Degauss 600 helps to prevent arc blow by reducing the magnetism in the workpiece, which stabilizes the arc and prevents it from moving the workpiece.

Easy to use, the Degauss 600 is a valuable tool for any welder who wants to improve the quality of their welds and it can be used on a variety of steel pipes and plates.

The Degauss 600 is the perfect solution for complex geometries and varying steel section thicknesses. It can be fitted with an optional remote control, which allows the operator to set up the unit adjacent to the weld area and adjust the demagnetising current and polarity while the part is being welded.

This gives the operator greater flexibility and control and helps to ensure that the part is demagnetised evenly and effectively. This can lead to improved weld quality and reduced weld failures.

The system can be supplied with a total of 30 metres of demagnetising cable, sufficient to demagnetise large and complex fabrications.