Gas Flow Meter 2 (GFM/0001)

As an inline flow measurement unit, the Gas Flow Meter 2 (GFM2) can be used at the torch nozzle or downstream of the regulator to measure all shielding gases and gas mixes. Factory-set custom and special gas mixes are available.

Readings from the traditional “peashooter” are subjective and easily misinterpreted, resulting in substantial errors in setting gas flow. With the GFM2, gas flow rates can be verified precisely to ensure they comply with welding procedures, which reduces consumption waste.

A peak gas flow display is provided for gas analysis. Flow results, pressure data, temperature, and surge data are captured by a data logging facility.

Connects to any TVC welding data logging system, providing a permanent record of gas flow measurements.

Also available, is the Gas Flow Meter 2 Analysis Model. With all the features of the GFM2, but additionally measures and records Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen levels in sample gases.

Other gas monitoring equipment is available. TVC can design bespoke solutions, contact us with your requirements.