Hand-Held Purge Monitor (HPM) (HPM/0001)

The Hand-Held Purge Monitor (HPM) is a robust unit for measuring oxygen levels while purging. It is convenient to see when welding can commence when the display changes colour based on the user’s upper and lower oxygen levels.

Depending on your budget and resolution needs, we offer two models. With the HPM-01, oxygen levels are displayed accurately up to 100ppm using a simple non-depleting optical oxygen cell. Combining HPM-01 technology with a miniature, low-power Zirconia sensor, the HPM-02 displays Oxygen levels to 1ppm.

Onboard data logging of Oxygen levels is standard, and purge data files can be downloaded via USB for easy integration into Microsoft Excel reports.

Either model can be equipped with an optional Carbon Dioxide content measurement. This allows the meter to display, measure, and log both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels.

Additionally, a remote flow control box can be connected to the output, automating the purging of any inert welding gas. By ensuring only the ideal amount of purge gas is used for the purging process, control of purge gas flow ensures quick, accurate, and efficient purging.

Other gas monitoring equipment is available. TVC also creates bespoke solutions for our customers, contact us for more information.