The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Hand-Held Purge Monitor (HPM)


Hand-Held Gas Purge Meter (HPM)

The HPM is a robust, battery-powered hand-held unit for the measurement of Oxygen levels when purging. The Oxygen level is displayed in either percent (%) or parts per million (dependant on model purchased).

Two models are available depending on price and the resolution required. The HPM-01 uses a simple non-depleting optical oxygen cell and displays the oxygen level from ambient (20.9%) down to 0.01%. The HPM-02 combines the technology from the HPM-01 as well as a miniature, low power Zirconia sensor. Displaying in both percent and PPM, the HPM-02 measures from 209000ppm down to 5ppm and oxygen levels from ambient (20.9000%) down to 00.0005%.

Mobile users can download Making Sense: O2 Sensors PDF here.

Both versions have onboard data-logging of the Oxygen level as standard. The meter saves the purge data as a .CSV file which can easily be downloaded to a PC for integration into an Excel report using the supplied USB cable.

The HPM is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminium case with IP rated aluminium push buttons. It has a 2.6” OLED full-colour display which changes colour to show when the user set Oxygen levels have been achieved. The user can set an upper and lower Oxygen level on the HPM so when the Oxygen level is above the ‘High Limit’ the display will have a red background, when the measured level is lower than the ‘High Limit’ but higher than the ‘Low Level’ then the screen background will be yellow. Finally, when the ‘Low Limit’ is achieved the screen background will change to green so that the user can easily see that that it is okay to start welding.

An additional option for the measurement of CO2 content can be ordered at the time of purchasing the HPM and with any of the three models. This enables the meter to measure, display and log the Oxygen level and also the CO2 content within the gas from 0.5% up to 59.9%.

The HPM can also be supplied with an output to enable flow control via a remote flow control box. Gas flow will only begin when the ‘Start’ button on the HPM is pressed so the system offers full automation for all gas purging activities. The flows can be set from as low as 4LPM all the way up to 80LPM. Controlling the purge gas flow according to the Oxygen level the system not only ensures quick, accurate and efficient purging but also provides the benefits of cost-saving by ensuring that only the optimum amount of gas is used for the purging process.

Supplied with transit case, battery charger, operational manual and calibration certificate