DINSEARCH 1-00 (MAC/0147)

The DINSEARCH 1-00 is an electromagnetic system for rapid, high-resolution inspection of carbon steel tubes in heat exchangers, coolers, boilers, and similar equipment.

Inspecting tubes between 15mm and 70mm outside diameter (OD) is simple and quick with standard probes and close-fitting sheaths. Signals are displayed on a high-resolution screen as the probe is pushed and pulled through each tube.

For each standard OD of the tube, there is a probe body. In order to fit the bore of the tube, sheaths are fitted to increase its diameter. Consequently, one probe body and interchangeable sheaths can inspect tubing with different ODs and handle small amounts of coating.

The inspection speed is similar to that achieved in non-ferrous tubes using conventional eddycurrent systems, typically 50 meters per minute. In addition to being faster than IRIS ultrasonic systems, tubes do not need to be completely clean or filled with water.

Also available:

  • DINSEARCH 2-00 multiple sensor, magnetic flux leakage system, specially developed for the inspection of carbon steel pipes and tubes
  • Probe Cooling unit for use with the DINSEARCH 1-00 and DINSEARCH 2-00
  • DINSEARCH 5-00 for use in the pipe mill to measure the thickness of the Inconel lining in the pipe after extrusion
  • DINSEARCH 6-00 portable, hand-held unit for the measurement of cladding in lined steel pipes

Please contact us with your requirements and we will assist you with the right DINSEARCH equipment for your project.

Other pipe inspection equipment is available.