The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd



The DINSEARCH™ 1-00 is an electromagnetic system for rapid, high resolution inspection of carbon steel tubes in heat exchangers, coolers, boilers and similar equipment. Tubes from 15mm to 70mm o.d. in the usual range of wall thicknesses are easily and quickly inspected using standard probes and close fitting sheaths.

The probe is pushed and pulled through each tube in turn and signals are displayed on a high resolution screen that clearly indicate the state of the tube.

For each standard o.d. of tube there is a DINSEARCH™ probe body. Sheaths are fitted to this body to bring its diameter up to suit the bore of the tube. This way, one probe body and its set of interchangeable sheaths will inspect any of the common gauges of tube of a particular o.d. and cope with small amounts of coating in the bore.

Inspection speeds, typically 50 metres per minute, are similar to those achieved in non-ferrous tubes when using conventional eddy-current systems. This is much faster than IRIS ultrasonic systems and has the additional advantages that the tubes do not need to be perfectly clean or filled with water.