Wire Feed Meter 2 (WFM2)

Accurate electrode feed rates, every time.

The Wire Feed Meter 2 (WFM2) is a portable, battery-powered monitor that allows you to set and record consumable electrode feed rates for automated welding processes. This ensures a predictable welding current for a specific wire size and feed speed, whether you choose the Standard or Advanced model.

The tachometer transducer is designed to be self-supporting on the monitored wire, thanks to its purpose-designed mounting cradle. Its compact design allows for easy mounting between the consumable spool and pinch rollers in most wire feed systems. This makes it ideal for in-process quality control monitoring and validation of wire feed rates.

The wire speed tachometer comes with grooved-idler wheels that ensure all wire diameters are held by the tachometer. The wheels are easily changed by the operator, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool.

The main screen of the device displays real-time data on wire speed, pay-off in meters, and deposition rate in kilograms. An internal clock counts the feeding time (welding time) in seconds while wire is feeding. An additional clock counts and displays the operational time.

The operator can select the wire type and diameter, and the unit will then calculate and display the wire deposition in kilograms.

The Advanced model of the WFM2 offers users the ability to select metric or imperial units, as well as record data onto the internal memory. This data can then be transferred to a PC for integration into MS Excel spreadsheet reports.

The WFM2 is available with a choice of two wire feed tachometers: a 3-wheel and a 2-wheel tachometer. The 3-wheel tachometer is more versatile and can be used with a wider range of wire sizes, while the 2-wheel tachometer is more compact and lightweight.

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