The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Gas Flow Meter 2


The GFM2: Discover the smart way to monitor gas

TVC’s Gas Flow Meter 2 (GFM2) is a compact, battery powered unit. Fitted into the gas line downstream of the regulator, it takes in line measurement of shielding gas flow. A single charge provides 24 hours of monitoring power, however, connection by mains allows for continuous operation. Accounting for gas pressure and temperature measurement variables in the final display also undoubtedly makes the GMF2 a powerful monitor.

Remarkable waste reduction, remarkably simple to use

‘Peashooter’ gas flow meters are common in the welding industry. These readings are subjective and easily misread thus leading to significant errors in setting gas flow. The GFM2’s illuminated colour screen allows clarity in poor light conditions. Clear indications of gas flow and peak gas flow for usage analysis are in addition to expertly confirming gas usage is in compliance with the welding procedure. Determining accurate gas flow rates is essential to significantly reducing shielding gas wastage.

Gas Flow Meter: Measurement Capabilities

  • Shielding gas flow measured up to 100 litres/ min
  • Pressure measured up to 8 Bar
  • Temperature measured up to 50°C
  • All shielding gases and gas mixes measured accurately
  • Contains user selectable gas mix from pre-programmed list of most popular gas mixes
  • Customised and special gas mixes available (factory set)
  • Data logs and records flow results, surge data, temperature and gas pressure to internal memory
  • Imports recorded data into the data viewing and reporting software (downloaded by USB connection)

Three modes of data recording:

    1. Screen data is logged on demand
    2. Gas surge logged for up to 300 seconds
    3. Set intervals programmable by the user to log the screen data

Interconnection perfection

The GFM2 output is directly connectable to any of the TVC range of ALXII, ALXIII, MAL III and MonArc2 welding data logging systems, offering a permanent record of measured gas flow.

Finally, the unit is also supplied in its own rugged carry case. A 12-month calibration certificate traceable to The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is supplied and the unit comes with PSU / battery charger.

Manual also supplied.

Gas Flow Meter 2 with Carry Case