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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Gas Purge Monitor (GPM)

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The Gas Purge Monitor (GPM) is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminium case and features a 5.7” LCD screen for a clear view of the monitored Oxygen level together with an onboard printout of the logged data.

The oxygen level can be displayed in Percent (%) or Parts Per Million (ppm), user-selectable. The Zirconia Sensor can measure Oxygen levels from 25% down to 0.001% (250000 to 10 ppm).

Mobile users can download Making Sense: O2 Sensors PDF here.

Data-logging of the oxygen level is directly on to a 4GB Pen Stick Flash Drive, along with operation time, and can be programmed by the user to record at pre-set intervals.

The proportional output can be programmed to output a DC voltage of 0 to 5V DC (0-10V DC and 4-20mA optional) over a pre-programmed oxygen level range.

Outputs are provided for optional external warning beacons and proportional output together with changeover relay contacts for clients own warning systems. High/Low Alarm limits can be programmed by the user to provide external signaling via the Alarm outputs with the GPM screen also providing clear indication of the Alarm condition.