Gas Purge Monitor (GPM/0001)

With a Zirconia sensor, Oxygen levels and operation times can be recorded by the Gas Purge Monitor (GPM) at predetermined intervals for welding gas purging applications.

For measuring moisture content in purge gas, an optional inline hygrometer sensor is available.

Options include external warning beacon outputs and proportional outputs, as well as changeover relay contacts for clients’ own warning systems. Coloured indicators and user-programmable alarm limits provide clear indications of alarm status.

Also available is the TVC Gas Purge Automatic Flow Control System. Easily programmable, the three-stage flow controller corresponds to the GPM alarm levels and traffic light alarm beacon. Offers full automation for all gas purging activities and by controlling purge gas flow according to Oxygen levels, the system enables quick, accurate, and efficient purging. Provides cost-saving benefits by ensuring only optimum gas amounts are used for the purging process.

Other gas monitoring equipment is available. TVC also creates bespoke solutions for our customers, contact us for more information.