CALSIS Laser, Video & Eddycurrent Inspection Systems

Assuring pipeline integrity with laser technology.

The CALSIS Laser Camera system is a remote inspection system for circumferential girth welds in welded pipelines. It is available in two sizes, covering pipe internal diameters of 125-260mm and 180-1500mm, respectively. Each system is supplied in a portable transit flight case.

The CALSIS system is a rugged and robust unit designed for use on both onshore and offshore pipeline spreads. It consists of a rugged control unit/PC, two 24-inch HD monitors, and a shelf for the PC keyboard and mouse. The laser scanning information is displayed on the first monitor, while the full HD video is displayed on the second monitor. This allows the operator and welding inspector to have a clear view of both the laser profile scan information and the remote visual inspection of the weld.

Each system also includes a calibration kit that contains certified calibration equipment for the laser dimensional measurements, monitor colour, camera focus, and onscreen video measurements.

Please contact us to discuss your specific system requirements.