The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Mini Arc Logger III (MAL III)

Mini Arc Logger III


Include SKU Product Short Description
ALX/0511 Weld Data Heading Input  
PRI/0010 External Printer   Click for more information...
COM/0046 Additional 4GB Flash Drive   Click for more information...
ALX/0205 2-Wheel Wire Feed Speed Probe  
ALX/0106 Traverse Speed  
ALX/0107 Temperature Measurement  
NFM/0001 (S) Nozzle Flow Meter2 (NFM2) - Standard   Nozzle Flow Meter
NFM/0001 (A) Nozzle Flow Meter2 (NFM2) - Advanced   Nozzle Flow Meter
GFM/0001 Gas Flow Meter 2  
ALX/0512 Transit Protection Case  
CAR/001 Carriage    
CAR/002 Collection  

Product Description

The MAL III: one of the world’s most cost-effective welding monitors

Supplied in a rugged aluminium case, this go-anywhere unit weighs less than 9kg and set-up takes minutes, minimizing onsite downtime. The field-proven sensor probes and IP rated controls mean the MAL III can be used in harsh conditions with the minimum of daily maintenance. An optional waterproof plastic hard case gives further protection for the unit and enables easy storage and shipment.

Key Features

Probes: Monitor welding current up to 2000 amps and voltage up to 100 volts
Welding Processes: FCAW, GMAW, SMAW, SAW and AC/DC GTAW (with protection against HF Arc Starting)
Screen: 5.7-inch TFT
Battery: Allows up to eight hours of monitoring time between charge cycles.
Welding Data Storage: Dedicated 4GB removable memory stick (allowing integration of stored data into to Excel report spread sheet reports, on an external PC using supplied software)
Flexible QWERTY Keyboard (Optional): Enables heading data input facility and easier adjustment of other settings.

The standard base unit will measure and record Welding Current, Arc Voltage and Arc Time and will also calculate and record Arc Energy and Heat Input.

Additional Options

  • Transducers for the measurement of Wire Feed Speed and calculation of total Wire Payoff
  • Welding Travel Speed for automated processes
  • Gas Flow and consumption
  • Type K Thermocouple for measuring Pre-Heat and Inter-Pass Temperatures

An additional Auxiliary input is available which can be factory configured for use with other transducers such as O2 Sensors for recording back purging during the weld, please contact TVC for further information.

The unit is supplied with a 90-240V AC battery charger and has an optional external, portable, hard copy printer for printing weld parameter data during or after the weld process, providing full onsite traceability.