The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

System 3

Subsea MPI Unit – System 3


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M100 Surface Unit (Complete)
M200 Subsea Unit (Complete)
M300 Underwater UV Lamp (Complete)
M400 Magnetising Cable Loop
M500 Magnetising Prods
M600 Ink Reservoir (Complete)
M700 Umbilical Cable (200m)
M800 Isolation Transformer
M900 Surface Remote Control Unit
M1000 Electromagnetic Yoke (System 3)
M1100 Umbilical Cable Reel (Stainless Steel)


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Service & Spares (System 3) Request call back for quotation on service and spares.
CAR/001 Carriage    
CAR/002 Collection  

Product Description

The System 3 MPI unit is a field-proven subsea MPI unit with an impressive track record.

Three modes of magnetisation are available with total control from the stainless steel housed topside unit. Selectable AC or HWDC magnetisation offers complete flexibility.

The inbuilt safety features including earth leakage trips and surface isolation transformer give the operator peace of mind when using the system 3 in the most arduous conditions.

  • Three magnetizing techniques – Prod, Yoke and Coil
  • Demagnetizing function
  • AC or DC magnetizing
  • 10 Litre quick release ink reservoir
  • Continuous ink agitation
  • Operates from 110, 220, 380 or 440 volt AC power supplies
  • Available with high quality, subsea umbilical lengths up to 300M as standard
  • Stainless steel umbilical hand-winch
  • Powerful UV lamp has a 6M, combined ink delivery and power umbilical
  • Conforms to national and international standards

We can supply MiGlow, Johnson & Allen and Magnaflux inks and consumables for use with all underwater MPI equipment, for more details click here; for ordering information, please contact our office.