The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Arc Logger XIII (ALX III) RS


Fully digital and WiFi enabled, the ALX III RS weld monitoring and data-logging system, uses the very latest technologies. This allows it to use wireless technology for both network connectivity and for use with TVC Wireless Sensors.

Single or Dual Rack System (RS)

The ALX III RS unit is available as single or dual channel system. The system can be used on all popular arc welding processes and is protected against damage from the high frequency/high voltage start systems used on many TIG welding power sources.

Rugged, hard-working and designed to withstand tough working environment and conditions, it is equally at home monitoring welding procedures, qualifying welders or in a laboratory situation where precision welding of fine components and exotic materials requires an accurate data logging system. Pre-loaded with VNC interface software as standard, remote assistance and software updates can be provided wherever in the world the equipment is based.

With the latest software advances, TVC have several layers of user interfaces enabling operators to digitally interface with IoT and Industry 4.0 compliance at all levels, facilitating the smooth digital exchange of welding data. The innovative software and electronics allow the monitoring, capture and analysis of pulsed welding processes.

The unit, screen and keyboard are supplied in a single rugged case with the system accessories and probes supplied in a probe carry bag which can be shipped internationally by road, sea or air transportation.

ALX III RS features

  • Battery or mains powered, with up to 3 hours charge from a single lead acid battery pack
  • Single channel as standard (option to add further channels)
  • Non-intrusive probes
  • Monitors voltage and current as standard
  • Options for wire feed, gas flow, travel speed, type ‘K’ contact temperature measurement, purge oxygen level, wireless laser depth measurement, wireless multi-channel temperature measurement, wireless travel speed, wireless wire feed tachometers and wireless depth (weld height) measurement
  • Optional pulse monitoring and analysis software package
  • Complete WPS programmable from root to cap
  • TIG H.F. protected
  • “Intelligent” battery charger combined mains PSU
  • Network connection and USB ports
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cladding/Weld Overlay/Automatic/Robotic specific operation and software packages
  • Pipeline specific operation and software packages
  • Auxiliary Inputs configured to customer specification
  • RFID Card User Login/Identification
  • Bar Code scanners for Consumable identification

Pulse mode complies with all requirements of ASME IX (2015), EEMUA Publication 158 (Third Edition) and PD ISO/TR 18491:2015.

All options can be retrofitted to the ALX III systems. If a new option requirement is identified after purchase, systems can be quickly and simply updated.