The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd


Arc Logger XIII (ALX III) RS (ALX/0560)

ALX III RS base unit supplied in portable case with integral single board computer running Windows 10 with LAN and WLAN connectivity.

Loaded with TVC Arclog XIII weld data logging control software, energy calculation, heat input calculation, internal weld-data memory, procedure reporting software, and outputs for keyboard and mouse.

Supplied with 0 to 2000A current probe, 0 to 100V voltage lead, TIG HF protection, 90 to 240V AC battery charger / PSU, 6-month calibration certificate, operation manual, canvas site bag, and transit protection case.


Include SKU Product Short Description
ALX05620 Keyboard / Monitor (Non-Rugged) (ALX/05620) 12V DC 19” standard monitor with Cherry keyboard, trackball mouse and interconnecting cables.
ALX/05601 ALX III Second Measurement Channel (ALX/05601) Upgrade allowing the measurement of a second current and voltage channel, or hot wire current and hot wire voltage. Includes the supply of a 0 to 2000A current clamp, 0 to 100V voltage lead and external printer.
ALX/05604 PulseScope Pulse Measurement Software Package (ALX/05604) PulseScope Pulse Measurement software for viewing welding waveforms for real-time welding current, arc voltage and wire feed speed. Data can be stored for analysis and integration into MS-Excel reports. Also analyses and calculates peak and background values, frequency and pulse width. Data can be printed via the ALX III internal printer. Includes real-time pulse energy calculation and display in accordance with ASME IX (2015), EEMUA Publication 158 (Third Edition) and PD ISO/TR 18491:2015.
ALX/05605 Robot Weld Data Recording Software Package (ALX/05605) Robot Weld Data recording software allows operator to record and view real-time welding data for the welding current and arc voltage. If the wire feed speed and gas flow options have been purchased, software also stores data for analysis after the weld and for integration into MS-Excel reports. Software compares and analyses weld data against pre-saved template welds, allowing application of high / low parameter limits to each weld sequence / components.
ALX/05415 Weld Procedure Development Software Package
ALX/0205 2-Wheel Wire Feed Speed Tachometer  
ALX/0604 3-Wheel Wire Feed Speed Tachometer  
ALX/05606 Wireless Wire Feed Speed: 2-Wheel Tachometer (ALX/05606) Battery-powered wireless transmitter module, complete with wire feed tachometer for the display and print out of wire speed (0 to 30m/min) and print out of total wire consumed. Price quoted is per wire feed or per channel.
ALX/05607 Wireless Wire Feed Speed: 3-Wheel Tachometer (ALX/05607) Battery-powered wireless transmitter module, complete with wire feed tachometer for display and print out of wire speed (at 0 to 30m/min) and print out of total wire consumed. Price quoted is per wire feed or per channel.
ALX/0106 Traverse Speed  
ALX/05610 Magnetic Base and Adaptor Bracket (ALX/05610) Adjustable magnetic base and adapter bracket for use with standard hard-wired 50mm wheeled tachometer.
ALX/05611 Wireless: Traverse Speed Module (ALX/05611) Battery-powered wireless transmitter module complete with 50mm wheeled traverse tachometer for measurement, display, and print out of weld head travel speed (at 0 to 999cm/min) and print out of total weld length. Price quoted is per channel.
ALX/05612 Traverse Speed Gear Tooth Counting Sensor (ALX/05612) Non-contact gear tooth sensor for measurement of rotation speed on tables with gear teeth. Displays and prints out weld head travel speed (at 0 to 999cm/min), print out of total weld length, and automatic pass switching. Price quoted is per channel.
ALX/0107 Temperature Measurement  
ALX/05609 Wireless Depth Gauge (ALX/05609) Non-contact laser measurement, display, and recording of weld depth with calculation of pipe diameter; measurement, display and recording of pre-heat and interpass temperatures using a remote, 0-1000°C, hand-held Type K contact thermocouple and wireless interfacing to ALX III system with remote control for manual welding. Price quoted is per channel.
ALX/05614 Wireless Thermocouple Module (8-Channel) (ALX/05614) Battery-powered, wireless module with 8 x Type K thermocouple inputs (0 - 1000°C). Mag base can be mounted on workpiece / rotator. Up to 8 x standard weld-on thermocouples can be attached to workpiece and connected to wireless module. Temperature data is displayed / logged on the ALX III system or displayed / logged on a separate PC using the logging software supplied.
NFM/0001 Nozzle Flow Meter 2 (NFM2) Standard NFM2: Display / print out of shielding gas flow (up to 100 lt/min) prior to welding, display of peak gas flow and print out of total gas used, analogue interface to ALX III (only flow is recorded on ALX III software). Advanced NFM2: As for Standard unit with additional on-board data-logging facility to record flow results / surge data on NFM2 internal memory. Supplied with data viewing and reporting software, and USB connection lead.  User-selected metric / imperial measurement units, digital interface to the ALX III system enabling recording of gas type, peak flow, etc., into ALX III software. Prices quoted are per channel.
GFM/0001 Gas Flow Meter 2  
ALX/05616 Traffic Light Alarm Module (ALX/05616) Traffic Light Audible / Visual Alarm module.
CAR/001 Carriage    
CAR/002 Collection  

Product Description

Permanent or Portable

The Arc Logger XIII (ALX III) RS monitors all popular arc welding processes.  Built-in security protects against damage from the high frequency/high voltage start systems used on many TIG welding power sources.

When used with an external monitor and keyboard, this portable system delivers up to four hours of monitoring time from the rechargeable internal battery.

Rugged and hard-working, the ALX III RS is designed to withstand tough working environments and conditions.  The unit is capable of monitoring welding procedures and qualifying welders. Adaptable, it is also useful in a laboratory where the precision welding of fine components and exotic materials requires an accurate data logging system.

Pulse Mode and ASME IX (2015)

In pulse mode, the ALX III RS will give instantaneous values of peak and background levels for voltage and current as well as produce a graphical display for detailed pulse analysis. It can measure, display and calculate instantaneous energy and heat input.

The optional pulse mode creates an absolutely accurate monitor for complex welding waveforms. With pulse, the unit is able to produce quality reports whilst measuring peak and background values of voltage and current. Pulse mode complies with all requirements of ASME IX (2015), EEMUA Publication 158 (Third Edition) and PD ISO/TR 18491:2015.

Main Features:

The unit and accessories are supplied in a single rugged protection case, which can be shipped internationally by road, sea or air transportation.

  • Battery or mains powered
  • Up to 3 hours charge from a single lead-acid battery pack
  • Non-intrusive probes
  • Monitors voltage and current as standard
  • Options for wire feed, gas flow, travel speed, type ‘K’ contact temperature measurement, purge oxygen level, wireless laser depth measurement, wireless multi-channel temperature measurement, wireless travel speed and wireless wire feed tachometers
  • Optional pulse monitoring and analysis software package
  • Complete WPS programmable from root to cap
  • TIG H.F. protected
  • “Intelligent” battery charger
  • Network connection and USB ports
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cladding/weld overlay specific operation and software packages
  • Pipeline specific operation and software packages
  • Auxiliary inputs configured to customer specification