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The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd



The ColcheK2 system has a digital display, depth measurement and threshold facility (which were not available on the previous system) and has had a complete overhaul of the internal electronics. The ColcheK2 has a one-button facility which eliminates errors in the initial set up, allowing for greater accuracy than was previously available. Based on the eddy current technique, the new unit is lighter, faster to set up and use and gives instant pass / fail indications with the easy to read and colour changing display.

The ColcheK2 system is a compact and rugged unit which utilises a remote field, through transmission Eddy Current technique. Through transmission probes are similar to differential probes – in basic terms, it’s two coils into two packages – and is, therefore, unaffected by temperature and lift off. Through transmission probes detect corrosion and wall thinning remote from the drive coil allowing the below-ground inspection of planted steel lighting columns, without excavation around the column base.

Featuring a unique ultrasonic range-finding system used to accurately feedback the search head depth inside the column, the ColcheK2 allows the operator to locate and identify the depth of an actual defect and its significance when related to depth. A defect located deep down is less significant than those located near to ground level. The cable entry on a column can also easily be identified by its depth and size and eliminated from the inspection.

Street lamps fail for a number of reasons, for example, bad installation, impacts or corrosion. Lighting columns are most susceptible to corrosion at and slightly below ground level; water, road salt and other chlorides and oxygen from the air combine to make this a highly corrosive area.

The ColcheK2 is currently used by inspection companies and local councils to inspect lighting columns prior to the installation of lights and decorations to check the column is suitable to bear the additional strain. ColcheK2 has been used on seaside resort lighting columns where summer decoration and additional lighting is common. It is also used in public open area special event to test the safety of lamp posts before large crowds gather.

Here’s a testimonial from New Zeland’s Tauranga City Council:
“Hi TVC, thanks very much for supplying the two NDT test units and for your ongoing support. We have found excellent value with these testers and have great confidence in the results, which is working towards elimination of risk with assets on our network. We are also getting some great asset management benefits with the data that is assisting with renewal’s decision making and forward works programming. Please feel free to send any references our way, as we would fully support the procurement of these test units.”
Michael Jones – Tauranga City Council.’