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Gas Quality Monitor (GQM)


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NFM/0050 (A/C) Argon/CO2
NFM/0050 (A/H) Argon/Helium
NFM/0050 (A/O/M) Argon/O2/Moisture
NFM/0050 (A/H/C) Argon/Helium/CO2
NFM/0050 (A/C/N) Argon/CO2/Nitrogen
NFM/0050 (A/H/C/N) Argon/Helium/CO2/Nitrogen


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CAR/001 Carriage    
CAR/002 Collection  
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Product Description

The Gas Quality Monitor (GQM) is a simple and easy to use system which can be configured to measure Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen, CO2, moisture and can calculate Argon levels.

Data-logging of the gas levels is recorded directly on to a 4GB Pen Stick Flash Drive along with the test date and time.

The GQM is housed in a rugged but lightweight plastic case.  It is battery powered but can be powered directly from a mains supply.

The GQM features a 5.7” LCD screen for a clear view of the measured parameters and readout of the monitored data. 

The required sensors are specified at the time of ordering, however, all GQM units can be retrofitted with additional sensors if required.