The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

The Validation Centre (TVC) Ltd

Wire Feed Meter 2 (WFM2)


Portable and Battery Powered Monitoring

Consumable electrode feed rates for automated welding processes are recorded by the Wire Feed Meter 2 (WFM2). Consequently, this creates an effective measuring and recording via pre-production settings and predictable welding currents for specific wire size and feed speed. The wire pay off (metres), welding time (seconds) and deposition rate (kilograms) log therefore produces valuable process costing data.

The space between the consumable spool and pinch rollers ultimately inspired a compact design. In addition, a purpose-design mounting cradle for the tachometer transducer to self-support on the monitored wire, results in an easy mounting, in-process quality control monitoring and validation system.

All diameters of wire are held by the tachometer, secured by four grooved idler wheels. As a result of the varying diameters, wheels are easily changeable by the operator.

The wire speed, pay-off and deposition rate displays in real time on the main screen as an internal clock counts the feeding time (‘welding time’) and a further clock counts and displays the operational time. Thus, the operator selects the wire type and diameter and the unit calculates and displays the wire deposition.

The Wire Feed Meter 2 is available as an Advanced unit in addition to the Standard model, for use with the majority of wire feed systems.

Wire Feed Meter 2 -Standard
  • Display of Wire Feed Speed (0.00 to 30.00 m/min)
  • Display of Wire Deposition and Operational Time
  • Tachometer suitable for Wire Diameters of 0.8mm to 4mm
  • Supplied with Carry Case, Manual, PSU Charger and 12 months Calibration Certificate.
Wire Feed Meter 2 – Advanced
  • Includes all specifications for the Standard unit above
  • Additional On-Board Data-Logging Facility to Record Results on Internal Memory
  • Supplied with Data Viewing and Reporting Software and USB Connection Lead
  • User-Selected Metric and Imperial Measurement Units